Profedssionalizing The Corporate and Family Organization

Our Services Include:

  • Strategic and succession planning for closely- held, or family owned business organizations Including ESOPS and Non-Profits
  • Governance board/advisory board development, including roles and responsibilities for shareholders, beneficiaries, trustees, directors, officers and chair/CEO.
  • Retreats for Key Managers, Family or Boards (One day or Multi-day)
  • Mergers & Acquisitions: Pre- & Post Transaction- Organizational Integration Assessments
  • Family or partnership conflict resolution and goverance systems (family councils)
  • Team building using "Creating Strategic Innovation"
  • Leadership and Empowered Team development/training
  • Executive coaching, mentoring and management/family conflict resolution
  • 360 Degree strategic and organizational readiness assessments
  • Operational improvement, product launches, and costing systems
  • Continuous improvement managment systems (ISO 9000)
  • Part-time Chief Financial Officer (CFO) services
  • My husband passed away years ago in his 70’s, leaving me with an estate in trust, and a company I now run with some of my children. I was not prepared for the fighting among my children after their father’s passing, and the loss of our family gatherings at Thanksgiving and Christmas. The fighting was over the profitability and direction of the company and how it should be managed. Some of my children didn’t work in the business, while others did. We hired PTCFO to do three things… 1) Fix the company, 2) Stop the kids from Fighting, and 3) restore the family gatherings we used to have. What was funny, Jack made a bet with me as he was told by several of my children that it would be impossible to succeed with that agreement. I now owe him that bet, as all the goals were reached.

    -Chairwoman of a now growing and profitable $12 million company who has now enjoyed several family gatherings.

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