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We use a series of assessment tools that quickly and economically assess management performance and organizational culture. We also use our tools to use as annual benchmarking assessments for continuous improvement feedback. One process identifies over 270 key strategic, industry, and operational issues the company is facing and recommend activities to improve performance using a confidential survey and interactive assessment tools.  This process takes a few days, usually over a week or two, in order to collect confidential data and to develop a comprehensive report. We use our own Strategic Snapshot™ financial model, and Faust Management's Life Cycle Insight™ and Executive Insight™ assessment tools.  We also use a 360 degree benchmarking tool, called Capability Snapshot™, that assesses a company's 5 elements of the Balanced Scorecard, from the view of the internal organization, as well as the company's vendors and customers.  We also provide competitive assessments that rate the company's scorecard against each known competitor. This process usually takes about a month to develop.

Life Cycle Insight™

Some of the key areas of the Life Cycle Insight™process will focus on are:

  • The Organization's Culture
  • The Company's Purpose and Direction
  • Management's Structure and Delegation
  • The Company's Information and Control Processes
  • The Effects of the Company's Reward and Recognition Systems
  • The Company's ability to meet Customer needs and expectations
  • The Company's ability to transform those needs to products and services
  • The Company's systems for developing people
  • The Company's systems involving money
  • The External Factors that are threatening the Company
  • The Results: Profitability, Customer Satisfaction, Employee Satisfaction and Marketshare

Click Here to read a sample Life Cycle Assessment (PDF)

360 Degree Assessments

We also provide customizable 360 Degree Assessments using the Capability Snapshot™ set of tools. It is a process that surveys employees, vendors/suppliers/stakeholders and customers covering the 5 elements of the "balanced scorecard" concept that was authored by Robert Kaplan and David Norton.  The five elements include:

  1. Operational Effectiveness (questions involving Cost Management, Time Utilization, and Quality Improvement)
  2. Organizational Agility (including Rethinking Strategy, Redesigning Structure, and Reengineering Processes)
  3. Customer Satisfaction (Customer Focus, Customer Value, and Customer Partnering)
  4. Innovation Opportunities (Product/Service Development, Market Foresight, and Knowledge Leverage)
  5. Learning Culture (Employee Envolvement, Competence Development, and Teamwork Commitment).

We work with the management team in developing customized survey questions from our 40 plus industry surveys already completed to best provide meaningful feedback and information.

Click here to view a sample 360 Degree Assessment (PDF)

Strategic Snapshot™

We also provide forecasting modeling tools using our Strategic Snapshot™ industry economic model to help bridge ideas into meaningful financial illustrations with industry benchmarking capability. The model views the financial performance of the last 3 years, and goes forward 5 years.  There are over 15 different worksheets, including the Balance Sheet, the Income Statement, the Cashflow Statement, the key financial ratio's including a break even analysis, Industry Comparatives, Monthly Income statements for the 5 outgoing years, and a business valuation model.

Click here to view a sample Strategic Snapshot (PDF)

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