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We help guide companies and their management teams through the implementation of new information technologies and strategies.  We also provide extensive business modeling and CFO services to emerging and growing companies.  Our approach is to tap the hidden knowledge of your present staff and to allow them to make the changes from the bottom up in an organized and effective way.

Our experience in Strategy implementation helps management teams avoid "climbing the wrong ladder," where a company unexpectedly finds limitations to growth and opportunity.  Our tools allow management teams to change directions faster, problem solve issues more effectively and to identify emerging trends sooner.

We can coach or mentor your finance and technology departments for higher levels of support and follow-through.

We have guided companies with their Internet and E-Commerce Strategies.

Our retreats and management development processes help guide the management teams away from information overload and/or reduce the stress from too many deadlines and projects.  Our approach is to develop action plans with measurable milestones and deadlines to help organize change or implementation efforts.

We have the experience and systems to sort through the megabytes of data to get management teams the right information that is easily understood.  Our clients continually tell us we take the mystery of complex information and create easily understood patterns and strategies to work with.

We help technology companies work in teams to solve problems, create innovative opportunities, improve performance and reduce conflict.  Our Team building exercises help develop leadership on the floor to respond to customer needs faster and with fewer mistakes.

Having gone this far down the page, are you ready for an experienced and seasoned group of management consultants to help you change the things that are holding your company hostage?

Bringing in our team of consultants is not like opening a can full of surprises.  Our past clients will testify to that.

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