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Do you have a long range, strategic plan (or 15 year vision) that everyone understands and supports?  Do your goals and action plans align with that vision?  We regularly find companies calling an operating plan or long term budget as a strategic plan.  We believe each successful CEO has a "vision" that goes beyond 5 years. 

The average CEO has a tenure exceeding 15 years, and having a 15 year plan allows for opportunities to surface quicker and meet milestones earlier.  We also believe your management team has the elements for that vision, and once they get involved, they will accelerate the pace and improve the results.

Our clients hire us to assist them with identifying and/or improving their company's vision, mission, values, and performance. While we are NOT industry experts, we facilitate best practices to expand into markets, develop new products and services, and improve your management team's performance and results.

Our clients are also looking for new channels of opportunity before their competition forces them into a dead end. They know that the answers lie in their own management team, allowing us to facilitate the communication channels for new ideas and opportunities.

Some of our clients are focusing outside their own boundaries and need insights to strategies that make sense for success. In many cases, new ways of doing things, such as implementing ISO 9000 standards, developing offshore support, investing in new products are required. We provide "out of the Box" solutions that tap into your present team's knowledge base.

Others are focusing on what they do best, knowing at this point, to grow beyond their boundaries may be a stretch to resources. We help validate and challenge those assumptions. We also assist them in developing self-directed teams to implement continous improvement programs.

Implementing change in a growing organization, is very difficult to do, unless your organization has the ability to adapt, and accept those changes. We help management teams develop those abilities.

We have the processes and systems to help align the organization with the strategy that leads to results and less conflict.

Our consultants and facilitators have the experience to guide your management development processes to enhance your strategy's implementation.

We commonly are hired by CEO's and Boards to help define those key issues that are holding the company from improved performance. If a CEO does not have a board with experienced outsiders, we regularly suggest and assist in forming a board to inject new thoughts and views into the company.

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