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Our goal is to improve the firm’s organizational culture and performance.  We find partnerships declining when they focus on billable hours and year end bonuses. In many practices, the team of partners have developed conflicts between the “rain makers” and the partners who provide excellent client support work.  Our approach is to develop future leaders and managers using team building processes and action planning activities. Using this approach, we help firms execute strategic plans more effectively and with a results orientation.

We believe the best ideas and lasting change are developed by the people who work in the system. Therefore, we provide annual partner retreats to brainstorm ideas, and develop action plans and strategies to make positive change.  In one client assignment, the managing partner hired us as a last resort before the firm dissolved.  Our two day retreat, preceded by a Law Firm survey to all in the firm, enabled the partnership to come to an agreement for going forward together, including a Partner definition of principles, measured expectations to be a partner, and a 100% agreement to a new governance structure.

Here's how we work:    We assess the organization on either 119 or 325 issues, using our assessment approach.  With that assessment comes a series of action plans and recommendations for the practice to implement.  Every practice is different, therefore we customize our approach toward each firm's needs.  If the partnership has conflicts or issues, we will address them separately from the firm's issues using facilitation and governance initiatives.  We provide advisory services to professional firms on succession, growth strategy, mentoring the next generation, dealing with crisis or sudden death issues.  Our ability to serve multiple industries allows us to provide "out of the box" ideas to foster effective change and faster response to issues.

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