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Do you measure and benchmark your Culture?  If you are an ESOP, or family owned business,  measuring your culture and improving it is so important! Frequently, we are asked to help implement strategy initiatives. Our success is achieved by identifying an organization's cultural strengths and weaknesses in order to increase the capacity to produce, the ability to change or adapt, and to encourage innovation, risk taking and/or information sharing that improve performance.  We apply a life cycle assessment that identifies and benchmarks an organizations culture.

Developing leadership is not an easy task if the culture is not aligned with management. Leadership is different from management as leadership helps an organization cope with change with a vision and people skills; management deals with systems and complexity. Leadership development is a process that requires interaction, mentoring, and the development of teams. Exchanging or sharing information enables good leaders to develop as they help teams cope with change.

We appreciate the conflicts that develop within growing or stagnant or aging organizations. We believe conflict on strategy is normal in growing organizations. We think conflicts between people represent the signs of organizational aging. Fixing an aging company is far different than fixing a growing company. We have successfully fixed both types.

We believe developing the right structure and delegation precedes rewarding and recognizing people, but follows the development of the company's purpose and direction. Many times, we find companies focusing on pay, when it's the other "Stuff" that needs to be fixed first. Our assessments identify those issues quickly in an organized and easily understood way, enabling change to effectively occur.

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We appreciate how the process of change can create havoc or strike fear in any organization. As consultants, we know we are not always welcomed. Our approach is to develop action plans and team systems, along with building problem solving abilities to reduce these fears, and improve performance.

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